Our schools serve as the foundation for Mid-Michigan communities and building blocks for our future workforce. As State Representative, Sam understood this and fought for equitable funding for schools so they could help all kids reach their potential. As State Senator, Sam will fight to:

  • Address the teacher shortage crisis by increasing salaries and lowering classroom sizes.
  • Provide resources so schools can hire more career counselors, nurses and therapists.
  • Fully fund programs that have been proven to create opportunities for students like early childhood programs, Career Technical Education, and special education programs.

Small businesses offer heart and soul to our communities and are a key driver of our economic prosperity. In the private sector, Sam worked to strengthen workforce development programs throughout the state.  As State Senator, Sam will work to:

  • Invest in business-led initiatives that provide training for in-demand jobs. 
  • Support education pathways that prepare kids beyond college, including skilled trade apprenticeships, technology certifications, and financial management programs.
  • Increase student financial aid and scholarships to reduce the cost of getting a college degree.
  • Support working families by increasing access to affordable childcare programs.

Focusing on local economic and community development is vital towards improving the quality of life for the Mid-Michigan region. As a former Mayor, Sam has advocated that the State of Michigan honor their commitment to local communities through investing in revenue sharing and infrastructure funding. In the State Senate, Sam will work to: 

    • Support critical community infrastructure such as broadband, water, septic and sewer systems.
    • Invest in infrastructure spending so we can fix Michigan’s roads, bridges, and rail systems.
    • Support local revenue sharing so our local communities can invest in critical services such as public safety. 
    • Fix our supply chains so we can export our agriculture commodities and manufacturing goods to the rest of the world. 
    • Support a living wage and improve workplace safety standards for more Michiganders.


As State Representative, Sam fought for Medicaid expansion that has helped over 700,000+  Michiganders get access to healthcare on an annual basis.  As State Senator, Sam will work to:

  • Bring down the cost of prescription drugs.
  • Ensure that behavioral health care is as common as physical health care.
  • Continue to expand access to healthcare so no Michigan resident is left behind.

The overturning of Roe V. Wade has taken away fundamental rights that women have had for the past fifty years.  Sam is a pro-choice candidate endorsed by groups like the Planned Parenthood Action Fund and MI Good Guys.  As a State Representative, Sam fought back against the Republican majority when they tried to further restrict a woman’s right to choose.  As State Senator, Sam will make sure to:

  • Protect women’s reproductive rights because healthcare decisions should be made between a woman and her doctor.
  • Fight against efforts that restrict access to contraception.
  • Protect access to medical procedures like IVF for those wanting to conceive a child.

Investing in our environment not only makes Michigan healthier but also produces more jobs and makes it easier to keep the lights on at home. As State Representative, Sam negotiated across party lines to create a state energy law that expanded renewable energy and energy efficiency in Michigan.  As State Senator, Sam will work to:

  • Implement the MI Healthy Climate Plan to ensure that Michigan achieves carbon neutrality by 2050.  
  • Expand training and workforce development programs to better position the State and Mid-Michigan for job growth in renewable energy, energy efficiency and electric car/truck research/manufacturing. 
  • Implement strong laws that would hold polluters accountable when they contaminate our water, air, or land. 

Agriculture is Michigan’s second largest industry and employs close to 22% of our workforce.  As State Representative, Sam served four years on the Agriculture Subcommittee of Appropriations.  As State Senator, Sam will advocate for Michigan farmers by:

  • Providing additional resources to expand the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program.
  • Working with industry and commodity groups to strengthen supply chains so Michigan farmers can expand exports in the ever-changing global marketplace.
  • Coordinating state and federal programs and incentives to help farmers manage the challenges facing the industry caused by inflation, workforce development changes and climate change.

As a longtime public servant, Sam understands the importance of keeping our communities safe. Sam is the only candidate in the 28th district that has been endorsed by the statewide organizations representing police officers and firefighters. As State Representative, Sam fought hard to protect our neighborhoods and invest in our first responders. As State Senator, Sam will:

  • Advocate for additional revenue sharing to local communities so they can hire and retain the public safety staff that they need.
  • Expand programs that would embed social workers and therapists on the staff of local police and fire departments.
  • Support bipartisan efforts to expand training and professional development for public safety officers.

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